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video equipment rental can make you reduce cost because it prevents unnecessary spending, overlapped investment and counteract the rapidly changing product alteratin. Alsom It is economical because it can use only in needed.

Rental order
1. ask rental 2. rental contract 3. installation and take it out of 4. equipment management 5. withdraw equipment

Rental's Needs
- anytime available to use
You can use it when you in need, for a period you want and at a very reasonable price.
During short-term and unexpected projects, exhibition, seminar, in-house education and etc or disabled equipment.

- It's useful when you ues expensive product at special period.
Rental is useful than buying if you use expensive product at special period, Rental is effective service system because it puts the right equipment in the right place.

- No pressure on maintain equipment fee or repair fee.
no repair fee,maintenance cost

- Overcome disable of time and place.
We install it when you want and where you want such as education schedule, seminar, events, meeting and etc.