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LED system is 1600 ten thousand full color as a new hightech media that complement other video materials It is complete one screen without screen connect part so clear that express video, computer graphic, text and animation.
It uses the latest high brightness RGB's LED device gives us more wide viewing angle and this helps event's mood by high definition and elegant color eventhough under the sun and night stage light it provides various color control, color temoeratual control.
Especially, matching of shooting video camera and lighting equipment is perfact than any other video equipment.
Also, It is able to size expention and reduction for event hall's environment.
And it's apperance is neat because it has thin module.


Proper to every huge events as proper equipment for multimedia period. Also this unique method media provides people special service, so it's very memorable and every programs that made in broadcasting can be apply more various way.It is different from Existing method of promotion, It can change contents frequently. Customers can choose time and place that can leads big promotion effect.
It's different from existing multi cube media, it has high definition screen and elegant, hard system are made us amazing. It make people feel event hole's mood by itself at day and night.
It can direct event hole's maximum mood use high tech large screen and it allows easy access for audience because of various, brilliant communucation function and quickness.
It has differentiated features as a new high tech media that replace other advertisement dedia.

Multi Level LED electronic banner display

Location : Jeju Convention Center entrance

Size : 5760mm*2880mm

Spec : LED 12.5MM


Daegu World Championships in Athletics

Location : national indebtedness reward moving park

Size : 6000mm*3600mm

Spec : LED 9MM


ICC Jeju Convention Center electronic display

Location : ICC Jeju Convention Center

Size : *11520mm*800mm

Spec : ROBON 10MM

LED Chip : LED 10MM


Location : USA - New York TAXI

Size : 1368mm*380mm

Spec : 5.5MM

LED Chip : IST 3in1 LED